Mensajes de Error del C64

MESSAGEWhat the Problem isWhat to Do
BAD SUBSCRIPTThe program was trying to reference an element of an array whose number is outside the range specified in the DIM statement.Verify you hhave dimensioned the array properly. In direct mode, have the C64 print the avlue of the subscript as a clue.
BAD DATAString data was recieved from an open file, but the program was expecting numeric data.Make sure data was saved with a separator between each.
BREAKProgram execution was stopped beacuse you hit the STOP keyUse the CONT command to proceed or reRUN the program
CAN´T CONTINUEthe CONT command wil not work, either because the program was never RUN, there has ben an error, or a lines has been editedYou probably made a correction, reRUN the program.
DEVICE NOT PRESENTThe required I/O device not avaliable for a OPEN , CLOSE, CMD, PRINT #, INPUT#, or GET#.Verify the peripheral you are calling for is on proper OPEN statement is used.
DIVISION BY ZERODivision by zero is a mathematical oddity and not allowed.Command C64 to print the suspect variables to determine which one bacame a zero.
EXTRA IGNOREDToo many items of a data were typed in response to an INPUT statement. Only the first few items were accepted.Check your punctuation.
FILE NOT FOUNDNo file theat name exists.Verify you have the correct tape or disk and you spelled the name correctly, note especially spacing and upper-case characters.